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Content Marketing: A Traffic Generating Workhorse

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As a business owner, you probably know that SEO can generate website visitors. But, what you may not realize, is that content is the key to massive SEO success.

High-quality, search engine optimized content is the driving force behind steady website traffic, so it’s important to invest in a robust and effective content marketing strategy.

Content is the most important factor of marketing and seo

Master Your Content

The Process

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Content Optimization

Content Planning

Keyword Research

The goal of keyword research is to find high-volume, relevant keywords that your business has a good chance of ranking for. We call these “Goldilocks Keywords:” warm enough to be beneficial, but not so hot that they’re too competitive.

Keyword plan and keyword variations
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Question Research

Questions research involves finding the specific questions your customers are asking online.

These questions have a number of uses. Firstly, they can be used as keywords and whole pages can be optimized for them. Secondly, they can be used to optimize your written content by making it more relevant to the searcher. 

Links and Sources

SEO experiments have repeatedly demonstrated the benefit of linking out to authoritative sources. So, as an effective content planning strategy, we aim to develop a list of relevant, authoritative sources that your content can link to.

Best ways to generate organic backlinks

Content Creation

Content Briefs

We’ve partnered with best-in-class content optimization tool Marketmuse to generate content briefs with semantically relevant topic clusters, questions, and sources.

The purpose of this content brief is to ensure quality, breadth, depth, and uniqueness from the writer.

Gravitypixel content brief, roadmap to your content optimization
Content is the king of copywriting and seo

Niche SEO Copywriters

The briefs are forwarded to our vetted network of Canadian/American niche copywriters.

Our writers are highly skilled at crafting content that fulfills your SEO and marketing goals.

Content Optimization

Topic Optimization

Ever keyword also has a set of semantically related topics. Search engines rewards content that covers more of these topics. 

The Gravity Pixel team uses a suite of highly sophisticated tools and processes to optimize content. Most significantly, we use artificial intelligence to predict topics and ensure adequate coverage.

Topic coverage using goldilocks keywords
High performance website factors

Visual Optimization

Visually optimized content increases engagement. Search engines use a metric known as “dwell time” to assess and reward engaging content.  

Here are some features of visually appealing content:

  • Rich with diagrams and relevant pictures
  • Well structured with headings and sub-headings
  • Utilizes bullet points, short sentences, and short text blocks

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