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Optimizing your website for conversions is an important part of making sure that the traffic you get actually pays off. Here are some quick website CRO tips that you can do in around 5 minutes to improve conversions and drive qualified leads.

1. Put Your Telephone Number In the Top Right Corner

Internet users won’t spend more than a few seconds looking for the telephone number on the website of a business they want to call. If they can’t easily find a number to dial, they are much more likely to bounce and consider a competing business.

Put your company’s telephone number in the upper right-hand corner of your website in large font so it can be immediately seen as soon as the website loads. Ideally, you can even add a click-to-call feature that allows users to tap your telephone number on their mobile devices and connect with your company immediately.

2. Add a Search Function to Your Website 

You can keep users on your website longer by including a search function that allows users to type in keywords and quickly find content on your site related to the topics they’re interested in. The search bar should be near the navigation at the top of the page so it is easy to spot and use.

3. Reduce the Number of Form Fields On Your Contact Page 

The more fields your contact form has, the fewer users will actually fill it out completely to submit a request. You should look at ways you can reduce the number of form fields on your contact page, reducing them to just the bare bones, minimum information that you need to contact the user back. For example, a name and email or telephone number may be all you need and your sales team can follow up with leads to get additional information.

4. Install a Chatbot

If you don’t yet have a chatbot installed on your site, now is a great time to get one. A chat bot provides quick answers to user questions, even outside of business hours. Being able to connect with your business immediately can drastically boost conversions, even when the user’s question may not be answered directly. You can also tailor the chat bot to have custom answers to questions most frequently asked by your target market.

5. Compress Image Files 

Your website’s load time plays a significant role in how many users stay on your site long enough to convert. If your site takes more than a few seconds to load images or text, you will likely see your bounce rate start to skyrocket. Short load times help users stay engaged, which improves your time on site metric and increases the chance that users will convert.

If you have a WordPress site, you can install a plug-in that compresses your image files in order to significantly decrease page load time. If you don’t use WordPress, there are other applications you can try or it can be programmed into your site’s HTML.

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