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Endless Customizations Via WooCommerce

Impress your customers with an enterprise-level online store developed on the powerful WooCommerce platform. Boost sales with our range of customer value maximization techniques, enjoy easy order management with the WooCommerce mobile app, and benefit from a wide range of store customization options. 

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Harness the Power of WooCommerce

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Premium Design and Branding

Leverage our exceptional design skills to separate yourself from the competition.

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Advanced Functionality

Implement a wide range of ecommerce enhancements designed to boost cart/order value

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Advanced Merchandising

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Personalize products with options like gift wrapping and special messages

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Offer package discounts, personalized boxes, and assembled products

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Create a kit builder or custom product configurators from existing products.

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Sell subscription products or services and integrate automated recurring billing

Customized Product Pricing

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Dynamic Pricing

Offer dynamic price configurations based on role, cart quantity, and product category.

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Role Based Pricing

Offer membership discounts and insider deals with role based pricing options.

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Partial Payments

Allow customer's to checkout by making a deposit or partial payment.

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Request a Quote

Allow customers to request a quote and continue the sales process elsewhere.

Customized Shipping

Define multiple shipping rates based on any combinations of location and price, weight or item count. 

Allow customers to delay shipping by selecting a specific delivery date.

Implement a robust local pickup system with pickup item limitation, multiple locations, location based availability, and scheduled pickups.

Calculate shipping by integrating your store checkout with your courier of choice.

Advanced shipping methods

Advanced Product Listing

Advanced product listings

Product Page Upgrades

Your product page serves as the marketing hub and main information source for your products. Thankfully, a number of options exist to maximize customer experience on your product page. 

Variation Swatches
Advanced Gallery
Data Tabs
Product Reveiws
  • Variation swatches: make it easy for mobile users to customize product options in a single click.
  • Data Tabs: Provide large volumes of information without harming user experience by organizing data into tabs.
  • Advanced gallery: Make your products stand out with layout customization, image zoom, lightbox, and product video. 
  • Product reviews: Display multi-dimensional product reviews that can be managed from your website’s admin.
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Order Value Maximization

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One Click Checkout

A one-click checkout allows users to jump from product page to checkout in a single click. The purpose of this is to reduce checkout friction and increase sales. 

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Advanced Thank you page

After checking out, customers arrive on a “thank you page,” which is a powerful marketing opportunity for coupons, product recommendations, and social shares.

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Cross selling is a sales technique that increases the number of items a customer purchases in a single transaction by offering complementary products.

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Order bumps

A “last minute’ offer presented to the customer right before checkout, it’s been repeatedly demonstrated that this is a highly compelling way to present special offers.

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