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With all of the hype surrounding social media marketing, it’s easy to forget about the humble email. However, there are several extremely compelling reasons to prioritize email marketing outreach in general as well as ecommerce email automation specifically.

In fact, email remains the most important marketing channel for large numbers of businesses. People spend a tremendous amount of time on social media, so the power of social media marketing cannot be underestimated. But research shows that more people are checking their email than their social media pages at any given moment. Furthermore, when it comes to receiving messages from companies, people prefer email outreach over any other form of contact.

One of the keys to the marketing success of email is its personal nature. But, of course, an email marketing campaign composed exclusively of individual, hand-typed, person-to-person emails is simply unsustainable.
This is where ecommerce email automation comes in. Operating under the specific guidelines of the companies and marketers who control them, ecommerce email automation systems send relevant and compelling marketing messages to consumers with no need for direct human involvement.

One of the best things about ecommerce email automation is its unique ability to provide highly targeted messaging to people at various specific stages of the consumer journey. With this in mind, let’s investigate the various marketing emails that can be effectively automated for ecommerce.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Follow-up Product Suggestions

Customer Reactivation Emails

Refer a Friend eMails

Credit Card Expiry Emails

1. Abandoned Cart Emails

High numbers of consumers never actually buy the products that they place in their online shopping carts. For this reason, the abandoned cart email has emerged as an extremely effective revenue-boosting marketing tactic. After receiving an automated email that simply reminds them of the unpurchased products in their ecommerce cart, many customers will re-engage with their purchase.

2. Follow-up Product Suggestions

A great form of promoting cross-selling online, a post-purchase follow-up email that suggests additional products can easily motivate consumer action. Of course, it is critical that these follow up suggestions are for products and offers that relate directly to the product already sold. 

3. Customer Reactivation Emails

Even the most loyal of customers can drift away from a company over time. With this said, it is amazing what a request for reengagement can do. Sent automatically after a period of inaction, a customer reactivation email can not only remind a lapsed customer of your existence but show that you remember them and care. 

4. Refer a Friend eMails

There are few better sales leads than a personal referral from an existing customer. An automated “refer a friend” email can dramatically boost quality referral rates, particularly if you offer an enticing incentive for each friend referred.

5. Credit Card Expiry Emails

Nothing can throw a wrench in the ecommerce checkout process quite like an expired email on file. Automated credit card expiry emails can help streamline future online sales transactions while keeping your company foremost in customer’s minds. 

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