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Google Business Profile optimization is key if you want to create a strong online presence for your brand. When properly optimized, your Google Business Profile can effectively drive traffic your way through search and map results. Your efforts will also allow the search engine to create a branded box with all your company info to display on relevant results pages. As the search engine works its magic, your company will greatly benefit in all the following ways.

Tap into the Power of Local SEO

You can tap into the power of local SEO by infusing your Google Business Profile with relevant keywords. Start by naturally working the keywords into your business description. Then, use semantic equivalents in your local posts.

If you own a Toronto auto repair shop, for example, you will want to use keywords like, ‘Toronto auto repair,’ and ‘auto shops in Toronto,’ just to name a few terms. As you do that, Google will include your auto shop in their map and search results whenever someone in your area searches for auto repair services.  

To identify the best local keywords, think about what terms your clients would use to find your company, and then use them throughout your profile. If you’re not sure what keywords to use for your company, have your marketing partner do the research for you. With that move, you can simply pull the keywords off the list as you create new posts, driving more local search traffic your way each time.

Support Hyperlocal Customers

As the owner of a brick and mortar store, you want to use your online presence to make it easy for your hyperlocal customers to find your company and stop by. Thankfully, Google Business Profile optimization can help you do just that.

By optimizing your profile, you give the search engine the ability to populate a search box filled with all your company info, including:

  • Company name
  • Industry
  • Address
  • Hours
  • Phone number
  • Appointment link
  • Popular times to visit
  • Average amount of time spent there
  • Photos
  • Map

Build Your Online Reviews

Online reviews are an integral part of your Google Business Profile – and for good reason. When your past customers share their positive experiences on Google, their input helps build trust in your brand.

Prospective customers can read the reviews right from your profile box, making it easy to learn just what to expect from your company. If they like what they see, they’ll be more likely to visit your company instead of your competitors.

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