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Developing Your Website Business

We reverse-engineered the key drivers of high-performance business websites.

Website design examples with top-tier functionalities and design

Conversion Centered Design


Good responsiveness is when a website’s elements stretch, weave, and adapt to your screen or viewing window. We say “good” responsiveness because any website can be made “responsive” with the click of a button. But ensuring that a site’s elements will snap and adjust to the right size and location is a skill that many agencies lack.

Car dealership website and brand package
Windows and doors company website

Customer Rate Optimization

You can increase conversions by minimizing the user’s cognitive load: If navigating your website is an effortless and intuitive experience, visitors will be far more receptive to your marketing messages.

As a business-focused agency, we have a great deal of experience building landing pages and sales funnels. This work has allowed us to develop a potent arsenal of conversion optimization techniques, which we make sure to build into your website’s design.

Mega Menu

A mega menu can drastically increase the navigability of content rich websites. Furthermore, you can use it as an advertising medium to call attention to your best offers and top products. 

Mega menus can be challenging to design and implement. Hire Gravity Pixel to ensure a functional, responsive, well designed mega menu. 

mega menu example

Advanced Lead Capture

We are able to implement a variety of advanced lead capture methods which can transform boring lead capture forms into a more engaging format. 

Advanced lead capture methods can utilize a “decision tree,” which allows you to better segment incoming customers, ask them the right questions, and start your conversations with the best information possible.

Increase lead quantity and quality via our engaging website quiz builder solution. 

Chatbots are a user-friendly way to begin the sales conversation and segment customers early in the buying journey.

Use a free pdf, discount, or other promise to generate leads.

Depiction of time being converted to money through funnel

Email Marketing

A competent email marketing solution can be technically challenging. Emails must be created, automated, and triggered according to a wide variety of user actions. At the hosting level, your email sending IP must be high authority and authorized for your domain. 

Automated Emails
Dedicated IP

If you are using a third party autoresponder, we can integrate your website with this service. If you would like to save on monthly email autoresponder fees, we can implement an advanced email marketing solution directly on your website. 

basic woocommerce email template vs Gravitypixel customized email template

Single Fee SEO

Authority building icon

SEO Jump Start

A one time service that covers
all of the SEO fundamentals.

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Local SEO

Get a local SEO add-on to increase your website's local visibility

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Obtain a backlink and referring content from a high-authority domain

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Schema Markup

Maximize your chances of showing up in search engine "rich snippets."

Content Marketing

Marketing & SEO

We offer a content marketing package which builds on the foundation established with the SEO Jump Start. 

We also provide a premium AI-based content optimization service to maximize the competitiveness of your content. 

Content is the most important factor of marketing and seo
Integrate automation in your website

Integrations and Automations

We can implement a range of solutions to integrate and automate your business processes. This helps maximize productivity and eliminate errors and inefficiencies.

CRM Implementation
Email Integration
Calendar Integration
APIs & Backend

Enterprise Functionality

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Live Chat

Whether your customers are looking for information about our products or services, or just need some general advice, you can assist them easily with a live chat solution.

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Tracking / Analytics

Tracking and analytics allows businesses to collect data about customer behavior. This data can be used to improve customer experience and .

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Accessible design involves a wide variety of evolving standards. By prioritizing accessibility, you demonstrate social awareness and increase your customer base

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