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The focus and purpose of optimizing your product pages couldn’t be simpler. Product page design optimization is just the process of attracting more people to relevant product pages on your ecommerce site and encouraging them to make a purchase.

The specific elements and technical processes of product page optimization, however, are far more complex. After all, there are many approaches to product page optimization, which is part science and part art.

While optimized product pages will inevitably look different from industry to industry and from business to business, here are a few key things that most marketing experts and website developers will want to consider for strategic product page optimization. These design enhancements can incorporate product variation swatches, colorful buttons that capture consumer attention on a product page.

One-click Checkout

Designed for ultimate convenience, one-click checkout is exactly what its name implies. To purchase a particular product, a customer simply needs to click on it. Of course, this only works for repeat customers who have already provided the necessary personal information online. But the one-click checkout process couldn’t be more straightforward for customers with accurate and valid payment and shipping information on file. With a single click, they can select a product, move it to a shopping cart, process payment, and complete the entire check-out process.

Wishlist Checkout

Underutilized by most small to mid-sized businesses, wishlists have proven to be wildly effective sales that dramatically improve general customer experience and slash rates of shopping cart abandonment. With a single click customers can instantly purchase any item that they might have on their wishlist, regardless of when they placed it there.

Advanced Image Galleries

It’s no secret that high quality online images are critical to ecommerce sales. Furthermore, customers like to see more than one picture of the products that they buy. Using advanced, clickable image galleries, you can easily provide access to multiple product images without cluttering the screen.

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Product Data Tabs

Another great way to avoid a cluttered screen, data tabs allow website visitors to click on the product details and technical information that interest them most. These tabs present information in an organized way without overwhelming potential buyers.


In the world of ecommerce, cross-selling involves presenting related products and appropriate offers to customers in real time while they are shopping for a particular product online. This tactic has proven extremely effective when it comes to driving sales by getting customers to buy connected and/or supplementary items.

woocommerce cross-selling


Using these product page optimization techniques and others, you can not only create a more vivid and user-friendly ecommerce website, but one that is strategically designed to better serve customers and generate sales.

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