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Instant Value: Design, Branding, and CRO

Leverage our broad design and branding skillset to demonstrate authority in your industry, and increase perceived value.

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Design: Subconscious Marketing

Visual Messaging

Design is a potent form of marketing. Attributes like value, quality, and positioning can be communicated visually – in an instant. 

Humans process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. So instant judgements are made about your business based on your website’s design.

For the most part, these judgements bypass our critical faculties and occur without conscious awareness. Visual messaging is the art of communicating desirable traits about your business through design.

Cafe responsive website and branding
Cafe website responsive on tab and mobile devices

Creative and Technical

Gravity Pixel has exceptionally high standards for it’s designers – all whom possess a broad spectrum of hard and soft design skills:

  • Technical: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator 
  • Design Fundamentals: gestalt principles, visual hierarchy, alignment, repetition, symmetry, contrast, negative space, balance-tension
  • Branding: the ability to create an integrated sensory experience across multiple platforms and modalities.
  • Conversion Optimization: A hybrid design-marketing skill that guides user’s towards a particular goal.

Integrated Branding: The Credibility Cloak

Instant Value

Branding instantly drapes you in the legitimacy of a highly reputable businesses.

A strong brand identity is the instant acquisition of credibility and authority. Unfortunately, most digital service providers reduce branding to colours and logos. This simplistic approach doesn’t leverage the true power of design and branding.

We ensure your brand is intricately woven into your digital presence in a way that is:


It takes a certain level of perfectionism and attention-to-detail to ensure your brand is continually evoked and strengthened in the mind of your customer.

Responsive travel agency website design and brand package

Conversion Optimized Design

Every aspect of a business website should work synergistically towards one goal: bringing you customers. This means it must work seamlessly within your customer’s journey.

A “conversion” is when a website visitor takes a desired action like calling or making an appointment. A website should maximize every opportunity to convert potential clients into leads/customers.

An important way to increase conversions is to minimize the user’s effort / cognitive load: If navigating your website is an effortless and intuitive experience, visitors will be far more receptive to your marketing messages.

The percentage of visitors that convert is known as the “conversion rate.” “Conversion rate optimization” (CRO) refers to the set of techniques we use to maximize the conversion rate.

The benefits of Coversion Rate Optimization cannot be overstated: A 1% point increases in conversion rate can have an outsized impact on your business’s bottom line.

A modern customer journey concept

As a business oriented agency, we have a great deal of experience building landing pages and sales funnels. This work has allowed us to develop a potent arsenal of conversion optimization techniques which we leverage at every conceivable opportunity.

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